Find The “Tribal Hunger” Of Your Audience... 
And They’ll See You As The Only One” For Them
Find The “Tribal Hunger” Of Your Audience... 
And They’ll See You As The “Only One” For Them.
Find The “Tribal Hunger” Of Your Audience... 
And They’ll See You As The “Only One” For Them.
Dr. Darnise’s prospects see her as the ONLY ONE for them - single, driven black women who have looked for love everywhere and haven’t been about to find it yet.

After going through Tribal Marketing, we were able to refine the tipping point for her tribe…

Here it is...
She thought she had FINALLY found the one - her prince charming!

And she was proud to flaunt her man to her friends and family after years of everyone wondering why she was still single in her 30s or 40s, when everything else in her life had been such a success! 

But then, often after something like a really public engagement, she learned that her guy was a scammer (and is super embarrassed to have to tell her friends and family). 
So she goes back to Tinder, Plenty Of Fish and to the singles groups… 

Everyone says to her, “You’re so beautiful, why don’t you have a man yet?” And they shrug and say “Oh, I don’t know, I just haven’t found him yet.”
But Dr. Darnise knows better. She knows that her high achieving women struggle in love because the push mentality that got them tremendous success in their career can become their biggest roadblock to cultivating deep love in a relationship.
Which means she knows what they long for on a deep visceral level… and exactly why they don’t have it.
And she has the roadmap they’ve been looking for.
Which means her lonely, successful, smart and single black women feel deeply seen, understood and empathized with when they finally meet her or see her marketing message and materials.
Do you see how this is differ.ent than “Love Coach” or “Dating Coach?”
She is literally seen as THE ONLY ONE for her tribe when they meet her!
Want to speak into your Tribe’s hunger in a way no one else is - and design your programs and offers around that?
How do YOU speak into the hunger your tribe has?
Maybe you haven’t thought about it before. Maybe you’ve tried a few different ways of messaging that didn’t really land
Understanding Tribal Hunger transforms your message from “pretty good marketing that works here and there” to fiery magnetism powered by truth that summons people to you.
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