What Is The One “Big Idea” In Your Work?
What Is The One “Big Idea” In Your Work?
If you don’t know, your audience won’t either!
If you find yourself on this page, chances are you’re a disrupter, here to do things differently, to innovate and create new possibilities for your clients and this world. 

Which means there are very few examples of what your work is supposed to look like or how to go out there and market it.

But every single thought leader since the beginning of time has hung their hat on “The 1 Big Idea.”

Simon Sinek’s is “People Don’t Buy What You Do - They Buy Why You Do It.”

Mine is “Your Wounds Are The Gateway To Your Market.”
Visionary types like us have SO MANY IDEAS it feels like we’re selling ourselves short to narrow down all these gifts and ideas into just one thing. It can drive you nuts!!!

And the dirty little secret is that on some level you might not WANT to find your 1 big idea, because then you’re going to have to stand up for it in the world, heralding it, championing it and defending it (and risk being ridiculed, rejected and dismissed).

But here’s the deal: until you find and stand in your 1 big idea, you’ll never move from a practitioner who works with clients (usually 1:1) to a thought leader who can usher in vastly new possibilities to whole audiences, industries and communities. 

Without your 1 big idea people won’t know how to find you, what you are about or how you can help them.

But once you do… that’s when things like book deals, stage talks, guest presenting on webinars and tele-summits, higher paying clients, and opportunities to lead start rolling in.

This is paradoxically the most important thing for thought leaders to grasp, and yet the most challenging. Which is why I am dedicating an entire 90 minute LIVE to helping anyone in my Tribe interested in discovering how all the multi-passionate, multi-talented ideas can converge into ONE.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!

Join the Tribe on Jeffrey Van Dyk LIVE, 
Wednesday July 25th at 1PM Pacific by registering below:
Join the Tribe on 
Jeffrey Van Dyk LIVE, 
Wednesday July 25th at 1PM Pacific by registering below:
My friend Matthew wondered how he could combine his experience as a monk, his talent as a high end interior designer, and his shamanism all into “1 Big Idea.” Sound impossible? It wasn’t. And he’s having more fun and making A LOT more money…

Then there’s Sid who couldn’t figure out how her psychic abilities and her photography talent were deeply connected. But now we have “Soul Portraits.”

Want to find out yours? 
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